Letter from Our CEO

Our philosophy at Range is straightforward: to be good stewards for our shareholders, while doing the same thing for the environment and the communities where we live and work.

Range Resources Values

Our commitment to shareholders, the environment and the communities where we live and work are collectively advanced through Range’s core values: performance, transparency, integrity and innovation.

Environment, Health & Safety Stewardship

Range recognizes the need to continue leveraging new, innovative practices to further raise the bar for our company and the industry via operational efficiencies and shareholder and environmental performance.

Community Engagement & Leadership

Learn how we are active community partners, providing education opportunities, volunteer hours and philanthropic contributions to the communities we serve.

Realizing Employee Potential

Learn how we are continuing to invest in the professional and personal health and development of our employees by attracting and retaining high-quality, solutions-driven employees.

Fostering Shareholder Value

Learn how Range will continue to deliver value to shareholders and communities by identifying and implementing efficiencies across our operations through low-cost, high-return opportunities for growth.